What I do

All work is performed on a contract basis – either per project contract or contract for some period of cooperation. All rates are agreed in advance for each project depending on the nature of work required, source and target languages, deadlines, format of deliverables, etc.


Typically I translate 2,000 - 3,000 words a day. Checking and editing can add a little more time to the total, but you can generally count on a turnaround time of: the number of words divided by 2,000 plus one day.


What I Need

Please contact me with all necessary information about your project (subject, volume (in words), expected delivery deadline, any special requirements, etc.) for an instant free quote. I’ll reply within 24 hours maximum.


The process

The accepted quote should be confirmed with Purchase order.

I am ready to sign a separate Non-disclosure agreement or any other agreement regulating issues of confidentiality and non-disclosure. Payment is done within 7 days from the date of invoice. Acceptable payment methods: bank transfer, Payoneer, Moneybookers.